With the Master's Path to Creation Group Membership you will have access to tools that can assist you in living your Authentic Abundance. ​ ​ ​ The techniques that I use will give you an insight into how to go toward a Master's level of Creation in your life.

The Master's Path to Creation Group Membership includes-

Here is what is included in your membership

Available when you join the group...

  • Four live group sessions a month where we will discuss techniques to connect to your higher purpose and create from that place. You will be able to ask me questions about your own situation and challenges in bringing that forward in your life.

  • Access to the Private Master's Path to Creation Facebook page that will have daily posts that will be about conscious co-creation and inspirational quotes to assist you on your path. You can also be in contact with me for support on the Facebook group.

  • You also will have access to THE INNER TEMPLE - 33 DAYS OF CONSCIOUS CO-CREATION online course. This is a powerful 33 day course that assists you in creating a Living Vision and carrying it out into your life.

  • AND you will also have access to the MANIFESTING ABUNDANT WEALTH - 33 DAYS OF CONSCIOUS CO-CREATION online class. This is another powerful online course that introduces the TRIANGLE OF MANIFESTATION technique.

  • You will have special offers available only to the Master's Path to Creation Private Group with savings on programs, workshops and private sessions.

What Clients are saying...

“Richard Powell's work evokes an expansive sense of abundance. It is notable that he approaches the experience of abundance on many levels and from a number of directions. His approach is both inwardly joyful and outwardly practical.”

“The class was powerful. The approach was a consistent singular focus that produced unexpected gifts. The simple format drew me into a deeper inner space to listen and attune to the spirit which is continuing after the completion of the class”

“Richard is a priceless treasure! His heartfelt presence, guidance and trusted intuition led me deeper into my own brilliance and inner awareness. He also brings his skillful "toolbelt" to support deep transformation in each session, all with the feeling of grace and ease."”

About me...

While serving as a CEO in the business world for over 27 years, I also spent more than three decades in the pursuit of enlightenment, inner advancement and personal growth. Along the way I earned a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a Master's and Doctorate degree in Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy. I have been a Board Member of the University of Santa Monica since 2007 and have facilitated numerous workshops and seminars. I have traveled the world, both teaching and learning, and continue daily on my journey to personal evolution.

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Join the Group Membership and the first 14 days are free!

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"My life is overflowing with inner and outer abundance and I’m very thankful to you for believing in me and all of us and holding the Light for the highest good as well as offering the beautiful classes workshops consulting and smorgasbord of opportunities for healing attunement and Divine remembering." 

- Lucy Dickenson, Musician, Photographer, Artist; Ojai, California