This is an eight week intensive healing program starting June 10th. This is an invitation to be deeply held in sacred union with your inner healer, and experience the dynamic of loving group support and synergy. A program designed to engage all your levels in the consciousness of healing. Ideal for those dealing with a health challenge.

In this course...

  • There will be 9 Live Group Meetings

  • 8 One on One Individual Sessions.

  • Materials and Resources for Independent Application

  • This program will be online

  • Email support

Liesl Schott MD

Liesl Schott MD integrates multiple disciplines through a spiritual focus, addressing the many levels of the being as an integrated whole, while working with the client through consciousness to achieve greater healing on all levels. Her unique mind-body approach blends disciplines of Spiritual Psychology, Functional Medicine, and Noetic Field work a type of transformational energy work.

Richard Powell DSS

Richard is a spiritual coach, consultant and facilitator for personal, professional and business growth, his client work takes a multidimensional approach based on a foundation of Spiritual Psychology and consciousness transformation. His focus is Conscious Co-Creation and assisting people in stepping into their abundance and manifesting a life of joy, peace and prosperity. He is passionate about guiding his clients to an experience of empowerment using tools such as compassionate self forgiveness, self-awareness and gratitude.

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