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This book is a combination of stories from my life along with tools and techniques that have been powerful and effective in bringing forward the experience of abundance, healing and grace for myself. I lay out my own path of discovery fueled by the power of Co-creation and the amazing tool of the Triangle of Manifestation. The stories are from my own spiritual journey with the guidance of my dear friend and Spiritual Wayshower and my deep learning around manifesting authentic abundance. Here I have offered the prologue along with the first two chapters for you to read. The book will be out in September. I hope you enjoy...


“Magical and practical at the same time.”

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Heather Brown

“ Richard is one of the rare consultants who has real life experience running a large company as well as years of deep experience as a student and leader in the transformational education, spiritual psychology and personal development worlds. If you value wisdom gained through experience over theory and concept gained through books and classroom then you'd do well to work with Richard.”

President, 22/7 Company

Terry Tillman

“Richard is a priceless treasure! His heartfelt presence, guidance and trusted intuition led me deeper into my own brilliance and inner awareness”