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"One day, you may realize that you have become the alchemist of your own being and that the gold of your being is present. That is not gold like we think of gold metal here. It is much rarer. You can eat of it and drink of it, and it will sustain you through anything. It is the gold of that spiritual form that you are." ~ John-Roger

Our group is for those who are on the Essence Into Form journey. Manifesting the healing, abundance and deep peace that is your true heart's desire.

Each day I will offer an inspirational quote, a technique, or announce a free group zoom meeting to talk about your process and give you guided personal coaching.

You also will be the first to see upcoming programs and offerings and also have discounts available to you simply by being in our group.

You can ask questions in the group or share and get support from other members who are on the same path.

When you join you also have access to the course 33 DAYS OF ESSENCE INTO FORM which includes a daily meditation and an audio of my book ESSENCE INTO FORM - THE MAGIC AND POWER OF THE TRIANGLE OF MANIFESTATION

Looking forward to being with you all!

May blessings, abundance, healing and grace fill your world.

Essence Into Form - Prosperity Manifested

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